Information Security

Information security is increasingly important to all businesses, and requires a dedicated and comprehensive solution to avoid unnecessary risk.  ITI’s security solutions ensure your information is both accessible and secure.

We undertake a security review as standard for all new clients including testing the vulnerabilities of your existing resources and ensuring you have absolute control of your sensitive information.  It’s not just about keeping your information protected, it’s also about ensuring people and information are continuously connected.  ITI have a proven track record in providing complete and resilient solutions for even the most challenging environments.

Our role is to ensure you have appropriate IT security and the right connectivity for day to day operations. We develop reliable backup solutions and can assist with sourcing solutions, drawing up plans and testing business continuity.   The strain on cash flow after a disaster cripples most small businesses; we put the measures in place to ensure that your business will recover.

Our information security solutions include managing Authentication (account management, password policies) Permissions (server, folder and file level security), External Threats (firewall, virus, spyware and spam attacks), Portable Protection (laptop security, data encryption), and Business Continuity Provisioning.


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